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Family portraits : $75

Child Portraits (age 2-17) : $45

Senior Portraits : $45 

Maternity Session : $45

Infant Session : $55

Boudoir Session: $75

Any type of session not listed here will be decided upon the discretion of the photographer. 

Prices are subject to change.

Child portrait price is based on one child, each additional child will be an additional $10.
Any travelling on my part will add a gas fee to the original price. Fee depends on how far I will be travelling.

Props must be provided by yourself.

I am willing to barter for my services, just email me with a proposition. All trade must be LEGAL in nature.

I gladly accept tips.

YOU MUST PAY $25 UP FRONT BEFORE EACH SESSION BEGINS, the remainder will be due upon delivery of photo disc.

All photos are provided on disc. I print nothing out, you must take the disc I give you and print out on your own accord. 

***You can use the paypal button on the homepage or below to pay your up front cost of $25 AFTER setting up an appointment for your photo session. This fee is non refundable.

Booking Fee of $25 to hold your spot.